Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishnakant arrives home

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The Episode starts with Amrita saying no one will talk about settling me down, I m Amrita Sakhuja, I m fine, Karan maybe dead for you, but not for me, he is with me and will always be with me, I will always be of Karan, he isn’t my husband, but my love, I can’t get separated from him. Everyone gets emotional. She says I will always be his Heer and he will be my Ranjha. She consoles Nimmo. She says last year, we had darkness in Diwali, this time, we have Ansh’s light.

Krishnakant slaps the servant and asks how can anyone take my son. Servant says they got the gun. Meera asks what. Krishnakant says I will get them punished. Meera says we don’t know who took him. He says I will go to the police station. Meera says we should take Divya along, she can recognize the goons. He asks will the goons sit in the police station. Meera says their pics will be there in police station. He says yes, Divya come with us. Divya says Naveen was so scared. Meera asks can you identify them. Servant says I tried to make their video, they broke my phone. Meera takes his phone. She tries to switch it on. Krishnakant says I will not leave them.

Angad says why did Nimmo do that, why was Dada ji and Mansoor talking. Amrita says Mansoor left, he felt like a strange. He says don’t worry, he left for his work, he will come by evening. She talks to Karan’s pic. She says he knows I can never become of anyone else. Pritam comes there. She asks everyone to get ready now. Kabir asks did the work happen. Amrita asks what work. Angad asks did you become his secretary. Pritam says there is mahurat trading on Diwali day in stock markets, I got a good share. Kabir thanks him. Amrita says get ready and come, puja mahurat is at 7pm. He says I will come in ten minutes, I came on time. Amrita asks everyone to clap for him. She jokes. Angad laughs. Pritam says you like to make fun of me, I won’t fight with you, because its Ansh’s first diwali. Kabir asks what happened. Pritam says I couldn’t meet Meera, I will meet her tomorrow. Kabir says she came there. Pritam says she had come there, Meera and her brother are your dear people, so they are dear to me also. Meera checks the phone. Krishnakant shouts on the inspector. He says goons kidnapped my son, its three hours now, if anything happens to him, then I will go to the media. Meera says phone started, come fast. She plays the video. She shows it to Krishnakant. He says I will kill them. Meera sees Pritam. She recalls. She says he is Angad’s tenant, Pritam. He gets shocked. Amrita sings the aarti. Everyone prays. Pritam smiles. Amrita gives the aarti to everyone. Guneet and Dada ji wish everyone happy Diwali. Daddy asks Nimmo to stay happy. Amrita asks Nimmo to take Ansh, she will light the diyas. Daddy asks Pritam to light the diyas upstairs. Soni gives him the diyas. Amrita gets a diya and says take this to light the other diyas. He jokes. She saves the flickering diya. Pritam looks at her. O re mann….plays…

She asks what happened. He says someone had blown off my diya before. She says its my diya, I will not let this blow off, go carefully. Soni asks shall I come to help you. He says no thanks. He asks Kabir to come. Kabir goes with him. Amrita recalls Kabir’s words. Dada ji says we will take a selfie with Ansh. Krishnakant and Meera come there. Dada ji says happy diwali. Amrita also wishes them. She asks Meera to hug her. Krishnakant stops Meera and says I didn’t come to wish for diwali, I came to know about my son, where is Naveen. Guneet asks what do you mean, he isn’t here. Krishnakant says don’t act innocent. Angad says you are crossing the line. Krishnakant says your dad crossed the line, you shut up.

Krishnakant says Pritam kidnapped my son at gun point. Meera shows them the video. Pritam comes downstairs. Everyone asks Pritam what is it, who is he.

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