Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam wishes Amrita’s happiness

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The Episode starts with Pritam meeting the informer. He says I just want the guests data from the systems, you just divert the employees here until I get the data transferred. Pritam and the man go to the reception. Pritam asks the man to personally show the room, he will book the suite, give my commission also. The man says sure, I will take him. Pritam says your hotel is great, nice decoration. He coughs and asks for a glass of water. He quickly attaches a pendrive to get the data from the laptop. He gets Nimmo’s call. She asks did you reach well. He says yes, we reached in the morning. She asks how is everyone there. He asks didn’t Amrita call you, she would be busy with her family. She asks with whom. He says family, I came for an imp work, shall I call later. She asks did you see Yuvraj. He asks who.

She says one who came to see Amrita, I mean he came to meet Amrita. He says he was a nice guy. She says I didn’t ask that, is he there. He says no, I didn’t see him, he went to Canada. She asks really. He says yes, I met everyone, not Amrita’s cousin. She asks didn’t you see Yuvraj. He says no, do you have any work, Amrita and Ansh reached safely, they stopped me and asked me to attend engagement, I came out for my work. She asks him to take care of Amrita and Ansh, and tell her if Yuvraj comes. He asks why are you asking about him, what’s the matter. She says nothing, don’t tell Amrita that I called. He says sure. He sees the man coming back. The transfer gets completed. Pritam drops his phone there and takes the pendrive back. He asks did you get the room. The man says its too costly. Pritam says you want the best room and don’t want to spend, take the bags from your car. They fake argue and leave.

Nimmo says I should have not asked Pritam about this, maybe he doubts, Amrita should know what her parents are doing, they can convince Amrita for second marriage, I will lose my Ansh. Sony comes. She asks were you talking to Pritam. Nimmo says yes, I asked if they reached safely. She goes. Soni asks what’s going on in her mind.

Pritam comes home. The kids ask him to take them for a round. Pritam asks them to talk with manners. He says I’m tired now. He recalls Nitin’s words about the gun and cartridges under the seat. He calls out Kuljeet and asks them to explain the kids. Kuljeet asks the kids to go inside, Amrita is dancing inside. The kids go to dance. Pritam says I had gone to see a hotel. Kuljeet asks him to stay with them. He says Jassi’s fiance owns that hotel. Pritam asks really. Kuljeet says yes, that guy’s dad owns many hotels, come, we will see the dance. He takes him and shows Jassi to him. He says Amrita and Jassi are my two eyes. Amrita says Jassi, its your engagement, you won’t dance, we will dance. Jassi says I want to dance. Saroj says let her dance. Pritam says its her engagement, you have become the heroine. Amrita says he is no one. Pritam says I’m going, its an insult. She says don’t talk in our family matter. He says you all made me dance by calling me family, by making me wear the saree. Jassi asks who are you. He asks Amrita to say. Amrita says tenant. Kuljeet says he is a protector. Jassi says welcome Pritam, I heard a lot about you, even about the underwear. They laugh. Pritam asks Jassi to dance, she is the heroine of the function. Jassi says my sister is the heroine, I found you interesting, come and dance with me. They dance with Pritam. Ye gore gore se chore….plays…

He tries to leave. The girls stop him. Amrita dances. Everyone claps. Pritam asks are you happy now by teasing me. Jassi jokes. He says I m happy if you are happy, congrats, a new chapter is starting in your life. Amrita says we will make you do an item song tomorrow. He says you are getting too free. He gets a call and goes. Kabir poses for the pics. Sethi claps for him. Vishaka says you are a model, be like one. She asks Sethi to shut up. She sees Pritam’s pic and says this look will suit Kabir. Sethi says well done my boy. Vishaka selects the clothes for Kabir. She says I want rugged look like this. Kabir goes to change. Pritam says I uploaded the data of the hotel, ask the IT dept check, find out the guests who stayed there at the time of Sandy’s visit. Nitin says I will find out till morning. Monty says commissioner is missing you a lot, he got to know about highway fight. Nitin says he has an objection that you went with some lady and baby. Pritam asks how did he know. Monty says he has his network. Pritam says okay, I will talk later. He turns and sees Amrita. She says you also have Sir, you always trouble everyone. Pritam says no, he is upset on my mistake. Amrita says you got late because of us, give me the phone, I will talk to him. He says no, I will handle him, your energy got doubled by coming here, you danced well. She says you have to dance tomorrow. He says as you say, I will do it for you. She asks for me?
Pritam and Kuljeet have drinks. Pritam tells Kuljeet about Rahul. Amrita takes him to the room. She asks him to shut up, he doesn’t know pain. He holds her hand and says you should get all the happiness.

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