Teaspoon of sugar a day reduces the risk of high blood pressure

High blood pressure affects a large segment of the world’s population and across age groups, whether it is due to excessive consumption of salty foods or stress and anxiety, high blood pressure does not come with any early warning signs and can be better monitored through regular checkups and because of this effect, it is often called The “silent killer,” a killer that grows over time and increases the risk of heart disease such as cardiac arrest or stroke in extreme cases, may even lead to kidney failure, blindness or organ failure.

According to a report by the “time now news” website, monitoring blood pressure is a must for everyone after the age of forty, and regular examination at an early age is also important for those who have risk factors such as obesity, smoking, family history of heart problems, diet control, and including more proteins and healthy fats and getting rid of Salt, sodium and saturated fats can help manage high blood pressure.

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How Can a Teaspoon of sugar a day reduces the risk of high blood pressure?

According to research, filling a spoonful of a special food item in your kitchen that is eaten daily can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It is sugar. Sugar is often considered an enemy of health due to its association with the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. Absolutely Nutritionists Include It In A Healthy Diet.

However, according to the DASH diet, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, no more than a teaspoon of sugar helps lower a blood pressure reading because it helps drugs absorb better. Furthermore, this plan recommends that people eat less than a teaspoon of sugar. a day to lower the blood pressure reading.

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