This is how Adele lost 22 kilos


The 33-year-old English singer, Adele, amazed her fans and followers, when she announced on her electronic accounts that she had succeeded in reducing her weight by 22 kilograms, and published her pictures in which she appeared as another woman, as reported by Indiatimes.

After a flurry of reactions, Gerasimo, the artist’s personal trainer, revealed that she followed a special diet and exercise program. He drew a set of tips for those who want to lose weight.


Gerasimo said: “Adele has helped her lose weight by three main factors, the first of which is a healthy diet plan, as there is no point without a plan. The plan was unique and attractive, and Adele followed the famous Sirt food diet, which includes oranges, dark chocolate, parsley, turmeric, kale, and other foods that activate certain protein chains known as sirtuins, slowing aging, stimulating metabolism, weakening appetite, and burning fat. This diet helps to lose three kilograms, in less than a week.


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“The second factor is regular exercise, two or three times a week,” Gerasimo added. It is a variety of exercises for fun, targeting different parts of the body, ranging from push-ups and resistance, squats, frogs, lungs, and heart exercises, to weights, boxing, and Pilates exercises for the required strength.


“The third factor is keeping a good sleep schedule, this is critical to a healthy life, to avoid stress, allow muscles to relax and recover as well as address the breakdown of fat,” Gerasimo said. An adult needs 7-8 hours of continuous good sleep every day. Adele has committed to this despite the circumstances of her work and travel.


For her part, Adele said, “I used to drink ten cups of tea a day, two pieces of sugar in every cup. I don’t drink tea anymore, and I have more energy than ever.”


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