Fact! Why do wrinkles appear on a smoker’s face?

Cigarettes contain toxic substances that are harmful to the health of the skin, so the smoker’s face tends to reveal premature aging, along with other blemishes and imperfections.

The wrinkles in the face of a smoker differ from that of a non-smoker. Smoking causes changes in nails, teeth, hair, and above all in the skin. In particular, it accelerates the aging process, increasing exposure to free radicals.

A person who smokes introduces tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other irritants into their body. It also leads to a decrease in collagen production by breaking down the elastic fibers that support the skin and give it strength.

This lack of collagen leads to dehydration of the skin, and consequently a loss of volume and smoothness that begins to wrinkle soon after. Because of this, wrinkles in smokers are more noticeable than those in people who do not. In addition, it occurs sooner than it should be.

Furthermore, smokers have different skin colors than non-smokers. For example, it is not as pink as healthy skin but rather pale, a type of grayish-yellow color. All of these manifestations tend to be more noticeable after the age of 35. Their occurrence on the skin is directly proportional to the degree of smoking.

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