An Afghan woman paints a frightening picture of the fall of her country

Two days before the Taliban took control of Kabul, young Sarah Rahmani used her free time to paint at her home in California, thousands of miles from her native Afghanistan.

“I started drawing a beautiful girl, I love to show the beautiful sides of my people and culture there,” she told CNN, adding, “A few days later, the Taliban took over Kabul. My heartfelt so much pain.”

At the bottom left of the painting, Rahmani incorporated the colors of the national flag of Afghanistan. She said: “Two women are seen in the photo, wearing traditional dress and wearing jewelry. One of them performs a traditional dance often performed by Afghans on special occasions such as weddings, while the other writes the word peace.”

In the center of the painting, a beautiful girl is shown putting on a flower, which she got from her grandfather, and is wearing a scarf, but she has two different sides, one bright about everything good before the return of the Taliban, and another gray showing the fall of Afghans from an evacuation plane who were clinging to its wheels, trying to escape the regime The Taliban again, with people waiting at the airport gate below, and a man trying to pass his child through the fence.

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Rahmani and her family immigrated to America 4 years ago. Her father worked for an American company, while she was studying civil engineering in Kabul.

Rahmani added: “I am really sorry for my college and the girls who worked with me there. They are frustrated and their condition is bad.”

She pointed out that many of the young women who attended university were working, but now they are unemployed and struggling.

They cannot wear what they want and need a man to accompany them when they leave the house.

And about her alienation in America, the Afghan young woman said: “I feel better here, but at the same time it is not my country. Everything is different. the language and culture, even if there is peace of mind financially, what is missing is home. Nothing can replace that. I want the world to know that innocent people are being killed. They lose mothers and lose children. When will this end?

Adil Khan

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