Ban on Twitter in Kuwait is rejected by Judiciary

Kuwait City, Aug 10: The Kuwaiti judiciary renewed its victory for liberties, and its protection from attempts to reduce its area, as the Court of Appeal finally decided to uphold the Administrative Court’s ruling by refusing to close the famous social networking site “Twitter”. Reported by Al-Qabas.

The court was not convinced by what was stated in the lawsuit, and what it raises, that Twitter has become causing chaos and sedition in Kuwait, and has become a tool for destroying the values ​​of society, and that the government is unable to control by stopping fake accounts that are offensive to people and their dignity.

The judgment of appeal comes, after the presence of the government’s defense represented by the Fatwa and Legislation Department, which demanded the rejection of the case, and its support for the continuation of the Twitter space, stressing that freedom of opinion is guaranteed to all, but whoever goes beyond the limits of freedom there is accountability, and what came in the lawsuit is inaccurate.

In addition, the lawyer of the lawsuit, Anwar Al-Jabali, told Al-Qabas that she will file an appeal before the cassation, and demand the annulment of the appeal ruling.

Al-Jabali added: “We still confirm that this site helps spread rumors in society, and contributes to the demolition of values ​​and morals, and the weakness of control over fake accounts by the state made Twitter a fertile ground for rumors and their spread.”

Adil Khan

Adil Khan writes about International Affairs for Beganet news organization, out of Kuwait. Adil Khan is a senior reporter for and has frequently written about the latest developments in the State of Kuwait. Adil Khan is available on Facebook at the below link, Please send in your leads and tips.
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