Kerala Lottery Results | First prize Rs 75 lakh; Win Win Lottery results announced

Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 30: The Kerala State Lottery Department has announced the results of the Win Win W 631 lottery. The first prize of Rs 75 lakh was won by WN 756122. The second prize of Rs 5 lakh was for a ticket numbered WO 276502.

Below are the Kerala State Lottery prize ticket details:

Who is the lucky winner of the first prize of Rs 75 lakh?

First Prize (Rs. 75 lakhs)

WN 756122

Second Prize (Rs. 5 lakhs)

WO 276502

Third Prize (Rs. 1 lakh)

WN 879101

WO 537746

WP 406230

WR 396001

WS 899544

WT 546493

WU 572505

WV 274967

WW 664061

WX 824426

WY 127167

WZ 471950

Consolation prize (Rs. 8000)

WO 756122 WP 756122

WR 756122 WS 756122

WT 756122 WU 756122

WV 756122 WW 756122

WX 756122 WY 756122

WZ 756122

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To get the prize money above Rs 5,000, one has to contact the bank or the lottery office of the state government with the identity card and the lottery ticket. Prize winners can contact any lottery shop with a ticket to receive a prize of less than Rs 5,000.

The government has made it possible to know the results of the lottery every day through the website. Results are available on the official websites of the Lottery Department at and All lottery tickets have a code in alphabetical order.

Prizes of one to three will be deducted by 10%. This amount will be paid to the lottery agent or lottery agency that sold the winning ticket. 

The lottery agent has a ten percent commission on four to eight prizes and incentive prizes. However, this amount is provided from the funds allocated by the government.

Lottery is one of the important sources of revenue for the state government. In addition to the daily lottery tickets, the government also issues bumper tickets. 

But the government has stopped the daily lottery since the Covid expansion. The lottery department issues bumper tickets in connection with Onam, Vishu, Christmas and Pooja. 

Apart from this, monsoon and summer bumper tickets are also on sale. The lottery is also a source of livelihood for hundreds of people. Many people, including people with disabilities, make a living by selling lottery tickets.

Summary: Results of Win Win lottery W631 announced on August 30, Monday. First prize carries a cash purse of Rs 75 lakhs. Second prize winner may receive Rs 5 lakhs.

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