Australian female cricketer Megan Schutt was blessed with a baby daughter

A little angel has come to the house of Australian female cricketer Megan Schutt. She gave this good news on social media. Her partner Jess Holloak has given birth to a daughter. 

She has also named the daughter, which Megan gave information about. She told on social media that the daughter’s name has been named Rylee Louise Schutt.

Megan told that Riley was born on August 17 at around 10 pm. Megan gave complete information about her baby girl, how much she weighs and she was born at 28 weeks 6 days.

Megan married her longtime partner Jess Holloeck in May 2019 and she also informed about her partner’s pregnancy. She has been posting pictures with her partner Jess many times on social media.

Megan, 28, told that her baby girl was born via emergency C-section. She also praised her partner and also said that what a good mother she will be in the future.

This pacer wrote, ‘Riley Louis Shut – 17/08/21 at 10:09 pm, 28 weeks 6 days, 858 grams.’ She has posted many pictures on social media soon after the birth of her daughter.

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She wrote, ‘Our daughter was born via C-section. From 24 weeks we were told that she could come into this world at any moment due to some complications. So, for about 5 weeks we packed our overnight bags, wondering how far we could go. To be a part of all this is incredible. I can feel proud of my wife. I already know what an amazing mother she would be. I am lucky to have two such beautiful girls in my life.

What is Megan Schutt’s Daughter’s Name?

Megan Schutt’s Daughter’s Name is Rylee Louise Schutt, was born on 17/08/21.

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