iPhone 13 will be a space phone Technology

Information revealed that the next version of the iPhone – which will be called “iPhone 13” – will come with a technology feature that allows it to communicate via satellite, a feature that will allow users to make calls and send SMS messages, especially in emergency situations when They are in places outside their network coverage.

This information was recently disclosed by prominent technology analyst and expert Ming-Chi Kuo, who explained that the upcoming “iPhone 13” will contain a customized electronic chip developed by Qualcomm and will allow the user to make communications via satellites located in low orbits (LEO), which will make The next iPhone is technically a space phone.

The expert Kuo pointed out that Qualcomm is collaborating with Global Star to develop this electronic chip, which is a modified version of the Qualcomm X60 core chip.

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In addition to this feature expected to be part of the iPhone 13, Kuo said it could be a part of all future Apple devices.

Currently, Globalstar has 48 dedicated communications satellites, all operating in the low Earth orbit through which the iPhone 13 will be able to communicate.

Apple is likely to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 13 in the first half of September.

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