Telephone service proposed App to protect women in Britain

One of Britain’s major telephone companies has developed a plan to operate a telephone service aimed at protecting women walking alone, following the horrific murder of a girl on her way home, the BBC reported.

The “Walk Me Home” or “escort me home” service, proposed by British Telecom, allows users to sign up for a tracking program, and an alert is sent if they do not reach their destination on time.

Service users will be able to enter their home addresses and other regular destinations in a mobile application.

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Before walking to a specific destination, the user opens the application, calls, or sends a text message to a specific number, this will give the expected time of the trip, and the GPS will be activated.

A message will be sent to the user at the expected time of arrival at his destination. Failure to respond to the message may result in calls being issued to emergency contacts, and then to the police.

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