Tips to help you maintain your smartphone’s battery health

One of the most important features of a smartphone is its battery capacity. The battery capacity shows whether this smartphone will support you to use it all day or not. However, like everything else in the world, your smartphone’s battery wears out over time and loses its capacity. If the battery of your smartphone is always low and you need to charge it mostly, then you need to check its battery health. If it is too old or worn out, you should replace it.

Android battery troubleshooting

1- Check the screen on time on your phone, is it the same or has it decreased.
2- To do so, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > Show full device usage
3- On some devices, you may see a clock icon in the top right. Tap on it. Now, you will see a graph in which you should see how quickly your battery discharges.

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Use third party app

To better understand battery health, you can download the AccuBattery app, which tracks your battery over a few discharge and charge cycles and gives you the most accurate information from its analysis.

1- Download AccuBattery App from Google Play Store.
2- Open the app and grant it all the necessary permissions. Now, you will see four tabs in the app.
3- In the discharging tab, you can see the battery discharge current rate and various usage statistics
4- Go to the Health tab by clicking on the health icon on the bar below. If you have enough time to install the AccuBattery app, the panel will show your remaining battery health.
5- The Design Capacity field specifies the maximum capacity of your battery.

Once this is done, you can now compare the value of estimated capacity and design capacity to understand how much power your battery has lost over time.

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