DFW Weather: Power outages in Dallas, downed trees, zoo closed

The Dallas Zoo is one of those places that had to close on Labor Day due to storm damage. Residents of North Texas were busy clearing debris from fallen trees.

DALLAS – Families across northern Texas are beginning the week trying to clean up the damage caused by severe storms in the area.

Strong winds and heavy rain lashed parts of the region on Sunday. The impact caused many trees to be downed, power lines down, and power outages in areas.

“Okay, the zoo is closed today. Hate to do it on Labor Day,” said Dallas Zoo Chief Operating Officer Sean Greene.

The storm razed several large trees throughout the zoo.

“At about 3 a.m., straight-line winds, we think up to 70 mph, came from here,” Green said.

The damage was so significant, it forced the Dallas Zoo to close on Monday. The staff had to turn the visitors away, so the staff could focus on cleaning things up.

Discomfort caused by Sunday’s storm can be felt throughout North Texas neighborhoods.

“There was so much wind, I couldn’t see the house, because the rain was so heavy,” said Mark Needham in East Dallas.

Needham is among the residents who are trapped in clearing the debris. The strong wind knocked his concrete fence to the ground.

“Our big damage, of course, is the fence that got knocked over. We just finished repairing it. As you can see, it completely broke it,” Needham said.

Onkor workers are engaged in restoring power in some areas.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Zoo crew said it was happy that no guests, staff or animals were hurt.

“This somewhat crazy weather is just another phenomenon in the summer,” Needham said.

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