Flash flooding in Dallas: Nonprofit works to help victims

Employees at the Inspired Vision Compassion Center said it wants to ensure that flood victims have access to cleaning supplies, masks, gloves and other important items.

DALLAS – Governor Greg Abbott held a briefing at Dallas City Hall on Tuesday about tornadoes and flooding in several areas of North Texas.

“The impact of this storm has been dramatic,” said Abbott, as he sat next to Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Chief Nim Kidd of the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

Abbott announced he was signing a disaster declaration, a day after a heavy storm hit the region.

“This announcement covers 23 counties across Texas due to damaging winds and heavy rainfall,” Abbott said.

Many flood victims are grappling with the damage. Estimates suggest that Southeast Dallas alone received more than 15 inches of rain.

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Inspired Vision Compassion Center is also among the water damage cleaners. Employees of the nonprofit were working around their own leaky roof to meet the critical needs of the community.

“I had about, what, 10 ceiling tiles. So, we had a puddle here,” said Dr. Tideran White, taking a look at the storm damage to the building.

White announced that the center was opening its emergency supply room to the public. They know that flood victims in the area can make use of the resources.

“It’s so important. They don’t have spares. They’re barely making it up now. With inflation and gas prices rising and everything, they’re already living so close to the edge,” White said.

White shared photos on social media showing volumes of water flooding the streets near the Inspired Vision Compassion Center. The staff immediately wondered how this could help.

“We pulled out the things I thought would be most important. Masks. Gloves. Cleaning products. Disinfectant wipes,” White said.

The Inspired Vision Compassion Center is stocked for the immediate needs of the neighbours. Cleaning may take several days.

While people continue to assess flood damage, neighbors in North Texas are committed to coming forward to help.

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“Even if we lose, we are here to take care of the needs. That’s about it,” White said.

The Inspired Vision Compassion Center is located at 2109 N. Masters in Dallas, Texas. visit for more information https://www.ivcompassion.org,

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