Irving police investigating use of force incident at high school

The incident happened on Wednesday at Irving’s Nimitz High School.

Irving, Texas – Police in Irving Officials said they are investigating officers’ use of force during a fight at a high school on Wednesday.

Police said officers assigned to Nimitz High School responded to a fight between several students in the lunch line.

According to police, officers “used force” to isolate the students and detain those involved.

Although police did not specify what kind of force was used, the department said it would investigate to see if its policies and procedures were followed.

Mark Montes said he had seen video clips of the incident online. In the video, an officer picks up Montes’ son and slams him onto a car. A few seconds later, as Montes’ son begins to stand up, the same officer pushes him back to the ground.

“He didn’t just hold her. He smacked her in the air,” Montes said. “This man is a bodybuilder muscle man. My son is tall and squeamish. You lifted my son off the ground like it was nothing. You didn’t even need to do that.”

Montes said his son was starting to jump into the fight because his cousin was involved, but added that he hoped officials would defuse the situation. Instead, he said it was a miracle his son was able to walk.

“You have no right to do what you did to my son and strangle him and break his back on that bar,” Montes said. “He couldn’t sleep last night. He was having a headache all night. We took him to the emergency room. They found nothing but all the cuts and bruises he had already.”

Montes said he went to the school on Wednesday after watching the video and sought to speak to supervisors of the authorities. He said that he was able to speak to the officer who was interacting with his son.

Montes said, “He stood up and stood beside me and said, ‘Yeah, I did this and what’ without any remorse.”

Montes said he would come to the school for an issue about the same officer for a previous incident involving his daughter.

Irving ISD did not respond to the WFAA’s request for comment on the situation, nor did the district’s school board president.

In a news release, the police department mentioned watching video clips of the incident on social media and an internal inquiry would be conducted.

“We have communicated with Irving ISD and a family member of one of the students involved and will complete our investigation immediately,” police said in the news release.

Police also said that one of the officers involved during the investigation would be “reappointed”.

Anyone who sees the incident is told to call the police at 972-721-3510.

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