Keller ISD brings back two books, including the bible

KELLER, Texas — Two high-profile books pulled up for review at Keller ISD are now back in school libraries.

For the first time since the Keller ISD adopted new guidelines for determining what is and isn’t appropriate in school libraries, the school board president discussed the decision.

Dr. Charles Randclaw joined you all-itix And Inside Texas Politics And he told us that the Bible and “Anne Franks Diary: The Graphic Adaptation” are both back after review.

Those two were out of 41 books under review. And Dr. Randclaw estimates that 10-15 of those books will never be returned to school libraries.

“Some of those books that list 41 are like primers, or the reason why we came here, right? So, some of those books are pornographic. Some of those books are sexually explicit. Some of those books have, fundamentally, led to the new policy that the board adopted in August,” Dr Randclev said.

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