North Texas clinic says vasectomies have more than doubled since Roe v. Wade decision

“I see men are more active,” said Dr. Tim McAuliffe. “It all shocked me.”

Richardson, Texas – Inside the Gentle Procedure Clinic in Richardson, the phone rings throughout the day.

Requests for vasectomy procedures in clinics have increased since the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The clinic, which offers no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy procedures, is booked through October. The earliest available vasectomy appointment is in November.

Dr. Tim McAuliffe, the clinic’s only doctor, told the WFAA that vasectomy procedures have more than doubled since the decision by Roe v. Wade. McAuliff immediately noticed a spike in vasectomy procedures.

“It’s been very busy,” McAuliffe said. “They have mainly expressed only uncertainty about what the future might hold with their options. A lot of them have expressed that they feel they need to be more proactive.”

Roe v. Before Wade’s decision, McAuliff’s clinic performed about 100 vasectomy procedures each month. After this was reversed, the number of vasectomy procedures she performed increased to over 200 per month.

“All of this shocked me,” McAuliffe said. “We’ve always had younger men, but now we have some men who don’t want kids to come in. I would say it’s more amazing to see older men coming who have adult children.”

McAuliff employees are working longer days to keep up with the increase in hiring. Soon, his clinic will extend the work week to Saturday.

McAuliff thought things might have slowed down by now, but the phone kept ringing.

“I think men are becoming more active,” McAuliffe said. Traditionally, contraception falls on the shoulders of women. With this, men are stepping up and taking on a little more responsibility for contraceptive care. ,

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