Tarrant County DA: Prosecutor sought death against family’s wish

In 2006, Paul Storey was sentenced to death after being found guilty by a jury in the robbery and murder of Fort Worth miniature golf course manager Jonas Cherry.

Fort Worth, Texas – Editor’s note: The video published above is a WFAA report from 2017 when the execution of Paul Storey was put on hold.

The Tarrant County district attorney has admitted that a prosecutor told jurors that a victim’s family wanted the death penalty for defendant Paul Storey when, in fact, they did not, according to a motion filed last month.

District Attorney Shereen Wilson’s proposal was to reinstate her office as prosecutor on the case.

Tarrant County prosecutors were separated from the case in 2017 after county prosecutor Larry Moore represented Storey during his trial in 2008. Although Moore is now the head of the criminal division at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, he has been completely superseded. Story case, so Wilson filed a motion to have his office reinstated in the case, and Wilson’s motion was accepted.

In September 2008, a jury sentenced Storey to death for his role in the shooting death of the 2006 robbery of Jonas Cherry, who worked as an assistant manager of a miniature golf course near Fort Worth. Story’s co-defendant was also convicted, but avoided the death penalty.

A jury voted to put Storey to death, and his execution was set for April 2017. But the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ordered it to stop less than a week before it happened.

Storey’s defense attorneys accused prosecutors of lying to the jury during their original trial. The jury was reportedly told that Jonas Cherry’s parents wanted Storey to be executed, which they deny.

Now, District Attorney Sheren Wilson is on board with a review of that charge, according to a motion filed in July. In the letter, Wilson wrote that, during the arguments, then-Assistant Criminal District Attorney Christy Jack told the jury that Jonas Cherry’s family supported the death penalty when they said they did not.

Watch Wilson’s full motion Here,

In a statement to the WFAA on Thursday, Jack stood by his position in seeking the death penalty in the case.

Jack’s statement said, “The case was appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court—all of which upheld the death sentence decided by the jury. ” “I stand by my statements to the jury and my testimony during the hearing. I even went so far as to take — and pass — a polygraph relating to the veracity and veracity of my testimony.”

Her statement continues: “I faithfully served the citizens of Tarrant County for 24 years and am proud of the work I did in the District Attorney’s Office. I still have a note from the victim’s family after the jury returns.” thanks me for speaking on his behalf. His unanimous decision for the death penalty… I respect that as time goes on, the family has forgiven Paul Story. His compassion shows what kind of people they are Huh.”

But the Cherry family has said they strongly oppose the death penalty, and they have since advocated for Story to get a life sentence without parole. Cheri’s parents have also met with Storey’s parents to obtain a new sentencing hearing to overturn the death sentence.

The Cherry family has also appealed directly to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott regarding their wishes. In a letter to Abbott, the Cherry family wrote: “We do not want another family to suffer the loss of a child and family member. Because of our moral and spiritual values, we oppose the death penalty.”

Story’s defense attorneys have also accused prosecutors of lying to jurors during their original trial.

Wilson’s proposal comes after the state’s highest criminal court sent the case back to the Tarrant County Trial Court to review those claims.

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