Wednesday’s Child: Meet 10-year-old Zuriah

“We need a forever family for Zuria. She’s starting to ask this question. Why don’t I have a family?” Palm Letourneau, Casa said.

Dallas – We often hear the words “together we are stronger”.

I like to say, “With love, we get stronger.”

Zuria is the child of today’s Wednesday!

Filled with lots of love, Zuria’s new best friend will never leave her side. 10 year old girl made her Build-A-Bear-Workshop at the Dallas Galleria And affectionately named it “Rainbow Cake”.

“I really like it because it’s so ‘rainbow,’ and it has all my favorite colors,” she said with a big smile.

Zuria’s new best friend will never leave her side, which makes her very happy. The Rainbow Cake will also be with her wherever she goes.

And before she placed the heart inside the Rainbow Cake, Zuria made a wish.

“I wish I was adopted!” He said while embracing his new teddy bear.

Pam Letourneau has been a Court Appointed Special Counsel (CASA) of Zuria since Zuria has been in foster care. He is worried about the girl.

Letourneau said in an emotional interview, “I lay on my bed many nights praying and not sleeping.”

“I call her my girl. She’s just in my heart.”

It pains him that Zuria is the only one of his five siblings who is not adopted.

“We need a forever family for Zuria. She’s starting to ask the question, ‘Why don’t I have a family? Letourneau said.

Meanwhile, Zuria wants everyone to know that she is kind and loves to spread happiness wherever she goes.

“I am a good person, an honest person and a generous person,” she said.

Like her new teddy bear, Zuria wants family members in her life who will go nowhere.

“I want to be adopted and have a family, because one day I may need a family, and I don’t want to be left out of the system,” she said.

Advocates for Zuria say she needs parents who are firm, set boundaries, and have lots of love and patience.

Zuria believes that God will bring her a forever family.

“She helped me in my childhood, she helped me be a good girl,” she said.

Juria won’t stop praying for a family. They won’t even have a lawyer.

Letourneau said, “God will find her a family that can give her the life she deserves and which she has been denied since her birth.”

For more information on how to adopt Zuria, please send all approved home studies to LaQueena Warren at [email protected] Please do not forget to include Zuria’s name in the subject line.

If you do not have a license, please refer to Adoption and/or Adoption to find out more information about how to obtain a license to adopt or contact LaQueen Warren at 817-304-1272.

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