Who is Lucy Rae? Woman who feeding spider monkey at zoo

Who is Lucy Rae? Lucy Rae is Texas woman who climbed into a zoo enclosure to feed Cheetos to spider monkeys at El Paso Zoo in Texas last year. If you remember the viral video of a woman jumping into the enclosure of spider monkeys at a zoo to feed them Cheetos?

The woman who is identified as Lucy Rae, was caught on camera hopping into one of the enclosures at the zoo to throw some Cheetos at the animals.

She was fired from her job at an El Paso law firm after the video went viral online. She was also arrested for criminal trespass.

However, Rae insists that she “did not do anything wrong”. [Read Also: Who is Gigi Robinson? Age, Wiki, Bio, and Latest Swimsuit Images]

Watch the viral video of Woman who feeding spider monkey at zoo

She said that she was “shocked” she had been recorded and “gone viral” for jumping into the enclosure.

Lucy Rae said, “I was shocked that someone had recorded it and shocked that it went viral.”

“Well, I don’t think I did anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. I did not hurt anyone,” she said.

Rae’s attorney, Mark T Davis, also argued that “no animal was ever abused” by his client’s actions.

Rae argued that the monkeys were not affected by her presence, saying that the primates were “extremely excited” when she climbed in with them.
However, zoo officials disagree with Rae’s claim.

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