Top 10 US Cities where Housing market crashing

The housing market is about to explode in the entire country.

Home sellers are desperately selling homes because of panic among them as they seen big fall of homebuyers in the market and lead to

huge fall in home prices all over the country, especially in these 10 cities.

Hosing Market crash is about to get worse in these 10 cities

Nashville, TN - Home inventory in Nashville is increased 120% YoY. Home prices falls are surging.

No: 10

9. Las Vegas, NV - In Las Vegas it seems like real estate investors are completely forgotten. Here housing market prices fall down 67%.

No: 9

8. Sacramento, CA - Home for Sale is up 70% and rich people stopped to come here.

No: 8

Seattle, WA Tampa, FL Austin, TX Raleigh, NC

No: 7,6,3,4

Colorado Springs, CO Phoenix, AZ Boise, ID

No: 3,2,1

All these 10 cities are became victims of Housing Market crash 2022. If you are planning to buy home, you should wait until home prices are at their lowest levels.